Frequently Asked Questions

FUN! To spice up the boring inside of your shoe. 
INSPIRATION! Put a pep in your step. 
HELP THE PLANET! They'll help your well loved shoes last a bit longer while sprucing up your footbeds.
PROTECT! They can keep the inside of a new shoe looking good while decreasing foot odor.

These are Women’s whole sizes, offered in size 6 thru size 11.

If you are a half size, we recommend you size down for a comfortable fit.

There are two styles: casual and sport. Casual fits flats, loafers, heels, clogs, wedges, boots or sneakers. Sport are a little wider and fit sneakers, running shoes, boots, and shoes with a wider toe box.

Place inserts on top of your existing insoles. Align the heel of your insert to the heel of your shoe’s insole and press the insert into the toe of your shoe. There is slip resistance with the EVA to help keep the inserts in place. The EVA will mold to your foot sole shape.  The EVA is thin enough that it will provide additional comfort without changing the fit of your shoe.

Yes, you can.  But please note in doing so it may cause the fabric to fray or pull away from the EVA material. Ideally size down if you are a half size. 

They are not odor eaters. The EVA will reduce odor in shoes but not completely eliminate smells.  These are not designed to be health based products, but comfy, fashion inserts to inspire fun. 

No. These are not designed to be health based products, but fashion inserts to inspire fun.  The EVA will provide additional cushion to your already existing shoe insert.

Yes.  Hand wash with mild soap and cold water.  Gently wring. Lay flat to dry.