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Inspiring inserts for shoes

Brighten your look and mindset

while protecting the integrity of your shoes

Inspiration and Comfort

Always the perfect gift

Make your feet Happy!

Shoe inserts that put pep in your step

Helps the Planet

Give old shoes new life.
Good for the planet.
Good for your wallet.

Which will you choose for your day?


Give your shoes some soul while giving yourself some joy and kindness

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Get moving!
A little inspiration with your perspiration.

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Who doesn't want more fun?!
Easily add some to your favorite shoes.

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Good Things About Larks

Sustainable & Washable

Pop in some Larks and extend the life of your shoes! Handwash to make look new again.

Easy Fit & Trimmable

Easily fits on top of existing insole. Available in a variety of sizes and two shapes, but you can trim if necessary.

Odor Minimizers, Comfortable & Fun

Put a spring in your step with extra cushion while minimizing shoe odor. Designed to be fun and inspirational.