I'm Tamsin Hickson, I live on an olive farm in Le Marche in Central Italy with my husband, sons, father, cats, dog, chickens, ducks (until Christmas).


  • Penne al profumo di primavera penne-primavera

    This means literally scent of spring. The finely chopped vegetables cooked for about twenty minutes form the basis of the sauce. Just before serving the fresh mozarella, basil and chopped tiny tomatoes are mixed in, making this a fragrant and tasty meal, perfect for spring. Use between 100 and 250grams of dried short pasta [...]


  • Cappuccino anyone? early-morning

    Jasper and I drive up into Mogliano every morning at 6.40, leaving us a generous margin of one and half minutes before his bus leaves. On a morning like today the trip is well worth it, giving us the chance to admire early skies like these. Tomorrow we’ll be even earlier, to get him to [...]

making things

  • Recipe book recipe-book

    I love notebooks. The groaning shelves my study bear witness to this passion, and every now and then I try my hand at making one myself. This is my attempt at renewing my recipe book, a battered notebook with torn pages, liberally illustrated with splashes of wine and dabs of butter. There is lots of [...]

Keeping time

churchmogJasper took up the piano last year and I took these photographs while he was at his lesson this week. Mogliano is empty on weekday afternoons between lunch and five, and the misty February air and the echo of my footsteps gave the town an eerie, timeless feel.

This year I decided to take up the piano again.  I think of myself as having recently given it up so it was startling to realise that my last lesson was 37 years ago. I wondered whether this explained my struggle to keep up with the metronome as I massacred a Bach prelude; after all Jasper has been whisking through Scott Joplin with the metronome without difficulty.  But after a few weeks I downloaded a metronome app onto my phone, thus revealing Jasper’s musical flexibility, in adapting to our old metronome’s moody beat. time

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