I'm Tamsin Hickson, I live on an olive farm in Le Marche in Central Italy with my husband, sons, father, cats, dog, chickens, ducks (until Christmas).


  • That time of year that time of year

    In May every year I have some version of this conversation in our local pharmacy.

    “I need some citric acid, probably a couple of hundred grams.” At this point it’s just me, and the pharmacist.

    “It’s that time of year again! Remind me what you want it for?” asks the pharmacist.

    “Elderflower cordial,” I say, [...]


  • Bystanders elections

    One of the most noticeable features of life in a small Italian town is the collection of elderly men who fill the benches on our main road into town. They keep an eye on everything, which is very useful if you’re looking for someone, but perhaps not quite so useful for anyone undertaking any [...]

making things

  • Recipe book recipe-book

    I love notebooks. The groaning shelves my study bear witness to this passion, and every now and then I try my hand at making one myself. This is my attempt at renewing my recipe book, a battered notebook with torn pages, liberally illustrated with splashes of wine and dabs of butter. There is lots of [...]

Barefoot on the sand

I went for a walk last week expecting that, considering that we are into the first week of October, the other walkers would be safely buttoned up, instead of which I felt overdressed in a skirt and top…

and not a little surprised to find that everyone else has been reading about the benefits of walking barefoot in sea water

and sitting on the sand.

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