I'm Tamsin Hickson, I live on an olive farm in Le Marche in Central Italy with my husband, sons, father, cats, dog, chickens, ducks (until Christmas).


  • Devil’s food cake choc cake 2


    I think the best chocolate in Italy can be found in Lidl but shopping there is an oddly existential experience. I wander the aisles alongside other immigrants, mostly people from Eastern Europe whose faces indicate lives considerably more complex than mine. I follow them to the till wishing I could identify their languages [...]


  • Italians do it better fano jazz

    After weeks of reading all the bad press on Italy it was a delight to discover an article with this title in La Repubblica celebrating Italian jazz. According to Giuseppe Videtti, young Italian musicians “armed with trombone, sax, clarinet and piano” are conquering the world. Trumpeter Paolo Fresu points out that Italian jazz is the [...]

making things

  • Hibernation, paused knit

    As soon as the first fire of the season is lit I dig out my wool and crochet hook and offer the menfolk of the house a crocheted gilet. Every year they turn me down: wiser than Dickie they realise that the serious business of manhood would be somewhat compromised by a crocheted gilet. Suddenly [...]

Barefoot on the sand

I went for a walk last week expecting that, considering that we are into the first week of October, the other walkers would be safely buttoned up, instead of which I felt overdressed in a skirt and top…

and not a little surprised to find that everyone else has been reading about the benefits of walking barefoot in sea water

and sitting on the sand.

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